Wic-Can Fest, June 11-15 2014

Wic-Can Fest is a family friendly event with full dining, showers, and swimming facilities. Presentations are held outdoors, in large conference tents and inside large inviting rooms. There is a river where people can bathe, three large fire pits and the whole site is surrounded by large forested mountain areas. There is a nearly unlimited amount of camping space and a limited amount of shared indoor accommodations (school camp style).

Wic-Can Fest offers a full schedule of workshops, lectures, demonstrations, concerts and rituals for you to choose from, or, alternatively, you can spend your time getting reacquainted with old friends, making new ones or enjoying solitude in the breath taking natural surroundings. We also host a cooperative childcare with a full schedule of activities ranging from nature walks to swimming to arts and crafts.

We promote and encourage a Technology-Free environment both to protect the privacy of attendees and to preserve the unique feel of our event, living as a Pagan village gathering.

Wic-Can Fest is ideal to connect, share learn from and network with members and elders in good standing of various magical paths. We invite you to explore the traditions we feature by taking part in a ritual or presentation. Every year, we feature many varied rituals and workshops, be they Rom, BTW, Ásatrú, Blue Star, Céilí Sídhe, Eclectic Wicca, Druidism, First Nations spirituality, Feri, Yoruba, Voodoo, Wiccatru and more.  Wic-Can Fest strives to provide an environment where one can become acquainted with the people of any given tradition, to make face to face contact and to learn directly from them. To experience the feel , the essence and the variety of diverse paths so that both seekers and more senior practitioners can make informed choices as to their spiritual evolution and learn and enrich their practice by making new connections and expanding their horizons.

Workshops include divination techniques of many kinds, aromatherapy, astrology, herbology, arts and crafts, alchemy, drumming, panel discussions on varied topics, belly dancing, yoga, to name but a few!

We host a Bardic competition offering free entry for the following year as a prize.

We have become known for hosting Men’s and Women’s mystery rituals, fostering deeper understanding and a unique opportunity for many to work magic specifically centered on the things that make us different as men and women. These are also offered in varied traditional formats including Fam Trad.

We have fabulous and magical concerts, promote general merriment and occasionally provide a life transforming experience.

We are known for offering “The Real Thing” and in that spirit, we offer, for an additional donation, experiences such as the Sweat Lodge and Firewalking. These special events require preparation and take several hours each of commitment on the part of the participant. Sobriety is a pre-requisite as well as a Tobacco offering and fresh fruit (or similar food offering) in the case of the Sweat Lodge. We are honoured to have both Christin Dennis and Zsuzsa Namaste on our site so that we can bring these very special events to you.

We have oriented the festival grounds to mimic a village with a marketplace, concerts and rituals all around. Smaller villages have formed in response such as Booty Town, Ook Camp etc. Feel free to join or visit or create as many as you wish, it’s all in good fun and will help you make friends.

At night, we light the dancing fire where all gather to celebrate, drum, chant and dance until sun up.

This year again, we will have a prize for the best decorated campsite/cabin. So bring decorations (Earth friendly please or take home with you), a mask (animal, shamanic, nature) for the main ritual, drums and musical instruments, your Pagan regalia, and your positive, cheerful self. If you are camping, remember that fires must be above ground to preserve the land and minimize fire risk. Bringing a portable fire bowl with a screen cover is a great idea!

You are also encouraged to bring 1 square yard of natural canvas (cotton cloth) as we are reviving our idea of the magical tarp, a tapestry of magical artwork to benefit our whole community, imbued with healing and communication energies. Please decorate this canvas with outdoor resistant paints or embroidery….make one with your coven or your group of friends or just by yourself….imbue it with energies of communication, healing, community building and bring it to the Main ritual where it will be blessed along with the others and then added to the giant Pagan Quilt that began nearly 25 years ago…this Magical Tarp will one day become a Pagan Long House for healing and meditation. We hope that you will share in our dreams…

In 2012, we began the construction of a great Labyrinth and hope that you will all participate in its continued building with what will become an important ritual site for all who visit. We have been given the “go ahead” on a large space at Mansfield and we will need the help of all who are gardening inclined!

So let us all gather: Witches, Vikings and Shamans, pirates, fairies, sprites, Pagans and Heathens of all traditions. Come learn, celebrate and revel in the magic of the Summer Solstice. We look forward to seeing all of you this June.

Blessed Be !